Peninsula Sports Cars stocks and can supply a wide range of spare parts for a wide array of vehicle manufacturers. You need the right parts to get the best from you classic car, and we have them, or can find them for you. We specialise in spare parts for British sports cars like MGB, Sunbeam, Austin and others.

Spare parts for classic cars

Peninsular Sports Cars sells spare parts for all marques of classic sports cars. We have a large inventory of different parts that we can make available for local pick up at our workshop or have them delivered directly to you. We can install spare parts onto your vehicle or recommend alternative items where required, this can be particularly useful when you are doing an engine rebuild, repairing a gearbox or trying to get your vehicle registered in NSW.

We are well known for our British sports car spare parts in Sydney & we carry many rare items that are used to maintain, repair and restore classic vehicles in Australia including things like switches, bolts, conrods or even pump gears. Everything that we stock is sourced from the best manufacturers in the industry so that it performs exactly as expected on your vehicle.

VTO Alloy Wheels

A proper set of wheels is the single most impact-full upgrade you can make to your car, and when it comes to quality classic wheels, VTO is a stand out brand globally, known for their attention to detail and quality manufacturing. Peninsula Sports Car Services is the Australia & New Zealand distributor for VTO alloy wheels which are used extensively in various motorsport categories such as Formula Ford, historic racing and by enthusiasts around the world. 

We stock a range of the key styles including the Retro 4, Classic 8, Silverstone and Le Mans that suit most classic sports cars. You can custom drill and machine up to 64,000 different wheel style, stud number, PCD and backspace combinations to suit your specific application whether it be for the road or track.

Alloy rear engine plates

Rear engine plates made out of alloy are one of our most popular spare part items for sale. They look great, save weight & are available for all B & A series motors.

Cylinder heads

To get maximum performance from your engine you have to look at all aspects like cylinder heads, main engine block, exhaust etc. We make our heads & related parts to order to your specifications.

Oil pump gears

A oil pump gear can prevent wearing out cam shaft gear

Splined hubs

We have our splined hub parts made in Australia specifically for our use. They are cheaper & stronger than reconditiond units that are for sale

Lever arm shocks

Our range of uprated reconditioned shocks are sold on an exchange only basis. We can also recondition your existing units so that you have a spare set in your garage if required.


We stock units that are a lot more reliable than other brands available. They are cost effective & can handle up to 10,000RPM.

Lucas Sports coils

These sports coils look great but deliver plenty of performance for road or track use. They can be used with only standard ignition or more modern electronic systems.

Suspension parts

We carry a range of uprated front coil springs in fast road to full race specifications. We also have the capabilities to modify & reset your existing rear leaf spring suspension. We also carry a range of Telescopic rear shock kits in stock.

Vernier timing gear sets

This is a must have part that is used for motors using reprofiled or race cams.

LSD differentials

We carry both torque biasing & clutch-type differentials that can be use either on road cars or track cars for hot laps or racing.

Weber carburettors

We keep the Weber 40/ 45 & 48 DCOE in stock & import our own to ensure you get great value for money.

Alloy rocker covers

Show off your engine with our custom made alloy rocker covers, available for A series & B series motors.

Spare parts, vehicle components upgrades & advice.

Peninsular Sports Cars has been selling spare parts in Sydney for more than twenty years. Although we don’t just sell a wide range of spare parts online that are uploaded from a spreadsheet, each sku has been specifically chosen for its quality, performance and reliability.

Every part that we sell we can also install on your vehicle. If you own a classic sports car this means we can help you keep it in pristine condition and save you money compared to buying it from a car dealer. Everything that we source and keep in stock at our workshop comes from the most reputable brands & suppliers.