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MGB GT classic car restoration in Sydney

Craig wanted to do a resto mod for his MGB GT classic sports car to give it a few modern features and make it easy to be a daily driver, see how we did it

MGB GT sports sports car restoration in Sydney

  • MGB GT sports car partial restoration
  • Upgrading an MGB GT for daily driving use
  • Mechanical and interior upgrades
  • Full mechanical check and recommission ready for use
  • Installation of modern stereo and dash cam

Ladies, gentlemen, and motoring enthusiasts of all persuasions, gather round. Today, we delve into a motoring narrative that defies the mundane, challenges the conventional, and embraces the extraordinary. 

Our protagonist? 

The venerable MGB GT, a quintessential classic sports car that, in the right hands, can transform from a nostalgic relic into a daily driving sensation. And who, you may ask, are these ‘right hands’? None other than the crew at Peninsula Sports Cars in Brookvale of course. We offer a safe sanctuary for classic cars from all the corners of the world including Britain, Germany, America, and Japan.

Our classic sports car workshop in Brookvale, Sydney, has been maintaining and restoring classic cars for nearly 30 years. We specialise in classic car mechanical services with many of our customers regularly bringing their sports cars to us for maintenance, repairs, refurbishments or restorations.

Many people already know us for the work that we do on MGB sports cars and that is why Craig came to us with his vehicle. He wanted to make some modifications to his car so that it could be used as a daily driver. 

So apart from giving all the major mechanicals a refresh he also wanted to add some modern equipment to make the daily commute more comfortable.

So we wouldn’t call this a complete resto mod in the true sense of the word but it is a good example of how possible it is to take a vehicle that is 30 years+ old but maintain it to a level that is suitable for daily use.

We managed the whole project from start to finish which also included delivering the vehicle on an enclosed trailer from Sydney to Canberra ready to be driven.

Why restore an MGB GT to be a daily driver?


The MGB GT, with its sleek lines, curvaceous form, and that unmistakable British charm, is not just a car; it’s a statement. In an era where roads are saturated with cookie-cutter vehicles, the MGB GT stands as a bastion of individuality and character. 

But, why should one consider restoring this classic for daily use?

First, let’s talk aesthetics. The MGB GT is a head-turner. Its timeless design, dating back to the swinging 60s, offers an escape from the monotonous designs of modern cars. Every trip to the supermarket becomes a mini concours d’elegance.

Modern cars, with their myriad of driver aids, insulate us from the actual experience of driving. The MGB GT, in contrast, provides a tactile, engaging drive. You feel connected to the road, every turn of the wheel, every shift of the gear, a symphony of mechanical harmony.

Driving a classic car like the MGB GT inducts you into a community of enthusiasts, rich with heritage and camaraderie. It’s not just a car; it’s a conversation starter, a ticket to a club of passionate individuals.

MGB Classic car restorer in Sydney


Peninsula Sports Cars in Brookvale isn’t just a car workshop for classic cars; it’s a temple where automotive dreams are realised. We don’t just restore cars; we imbue them with a new spirit, tailored to the modern road yet respecting the heritage that makes each classic unique.

Whether your heart yearns for the British charm of an MGB GT, the precision engineering of a German classic, the bold spirit of an American muscle car, or the pioneering innovation of a Japanese icon, Peninsula Sports Cars is the team of mechanics that can orchestrate things for you.

Our expertise extends beyond mere restoration. We can seamlessly integrate modern conveniences into these classics. Imagine your MGB GT with upgraded brakes or suspension, a more reliable engine, perhaps even subtle infotainment integrations. It’s about maintaining the soul of the classic while equipping it for daily reliability.

At Peninsula Sports Cars, craftsmanship is king. We understand that each bolt, stitch, and wire is part of a larger narrative that will have to deliver safety or performance. The quality of our work ensures that your classic is not just a showpiece but a reliable companion for a daily drive.

Imagine, if you will, a typical morning. But instead of stepping into a bland, soulless box on wheels, you approach your MGB GT. The classic lines bathed in the morning light, the leather seats beckoning. As the engine roars to life, it’s not just a commute; it’s an adventure. Every turn is a joy, every straight a thrill. You’re not just driving; you’re living.

Choosing to restore and drive an MGB GT as a daily driver is not just about transportation; it’s about making a statement. It’s about embracing passion, heritage, and individuality in a world that often forgets these values. With the expertise of Peninsula Sports Cars in Brookvale, this dream isn’t just attainable; it’s a reality waiting to be seized and we can make it happen for you.

Mechanical restoration for an MGB GT classic sports car in Sydney

  • Replacing all engine bay components
  • Fitting new clutch and brake master cylinders
  • New suspension installation

For any classic sports car that is going to be used daily it is crucial to make sure all the major components are working well and have been maintained. For this MGB GT we looked over it from front to back and helped Craig understand all the major mechanical components that needed to be looked at.

He also had some requirements to improve the look of the MGB under the bonnet as well so the scope of work became a mix of maintenance, mechanical upgrades and also cosmetic updates which included the list of items below. 

As you will see it is pretty extensive but very much focussed on being able to drive, stop, turn & be reliable for a daily use application. If this sports car was going to be used occasionally you may not need to go to this extent but we will always advise you on the things we can see or recommend to look at to make sure a vehicle is safe no matter what the application.

  • Refurbish or replace all engine bay components;
    • heat shield
    • heater box 
    • coil
    • alternator, dash pots
    • heater hoses
    • oil hoses
    • oil cooler
    • heater tap
    • master cylinder cover
    • pedals and pedal box
  • Remove all interior and replace rusted floor panels
  • Repair all rust damaged sections under body
  • Remove engine, repaint engine block
  • Paint engine bay, radiator support panel
  • Fit new thematic fan
  • Fit new silicone radiator hoses
  • Fit new alloy rocker cover
  • Replace clutch and brake master cylinders
  • Fit fuel injection
  • Replace fuel pump
  • Fit high pressure fuel lines
  • Replace engine mounts, gearbox mount
  • Fit new tailshaft
  • Fit new aluminium radiator
  • Rewire engine bay, dash and gauges, interior
  • Fit and wire in new washer motor
  • Dyno tune engine
  • Suspension upgrade
    • Fit castor kit to front suspension
    • Fit Panhard rod kit to rear suspension
    • Replace rear shock absorbers
    • Replace all suspension bushes front and rear

Interior restoration for an MGB GT classic sports car in Sydney

  • Removal of rusted body panels
  • Sound deadening installation
  • New stereo and dash cam

Fine, we are bias, but how bloo@dy good does the interior look!? None this boring grey on grey stuff right, it is full of colour and character.

George was even contemplating getting a pair of pants made up with the tartan pattern so he could wear to Christmas functions this year. We won’t publish those photos of him prancing around the workshop though.

As you can see in the photos the whole interior was stripped back so that we could address the rusted panels first. From there we rebuilt the interior with new sound deadening, carpet and the final steps working on all the wiring, new stereo and even a dash cam.

Yes we realise that some purists will think this is the wrong thing to do, but from our perspective each owner will have their specific goals or needs & then do what suits them. So while this sports car may not win an ‘originality’ contest it certainly will fit the bill to be a daily driver.

Our scope of work was pretty extensive and included;

  • Remove all interior and replace rusted floor panels
  • Repair all rust damaged sections under body
  • Remove dash, gauges, switches, knobs
  • Repaint dash to match car colour
  • Recover crash pad, dash top,
  • A pillar trims to match interior and refit
  • Mount and wire in new speakers
  • Repair and recover steering wheel
  • Fabricate and fit new sunroof straps
  • Replace window seals
  • Mount fire extinguisher
  • Fit sound deadening throughout interior

Adding modern aftermarket products to and MGB GT sports car in Sydney

  • Car stereo & speaker installations
  • Dashcam or reversing camera installs
  • Lighting, gauge or accessory fitment

For many owners who own classic sports cars they choose to leave them as original as possible, down to the old AM/FM stereos. Although in some cases like this MGB GT the owner wanted to be able to use the car everyday.

So his attention turned to making the car a bit more usable in today’s world compared to when it was designed over 30 years ago. While we are not auto electrician specialists ourselves, nor a big retailer of the latest gizmos, we can co-ordinate any work needed to install the latest aftermarket products.

In the case of this project Craig wanted to be able to listen to music, podcasts and the like, protect his vehicle from theft as well as make it easier to live with day in, day out.

So we fitted the following aftermarket products to achieve this; 

  • Fit new wired dash cam
  • Fit stereo and 10″ screen head unit and wire into car
  • Mount and wire in new speakers
  • Fit new kph speedo
  • Fit new electronic tacho
  • Fit central locking
  • Fit new immobiliser
As you can tell, the combination of these items will help prevent the vehicle from being stolen, reduce speeding fines compared to using an old MPH speedo and simpler to get in and out of with the newly fitted central locking.

All of this work was co=ordinated with the other parts of the scope of work which reduced the hassle for Craig needing to take it to multiple places to get different things fitted by various service providers.

It is this combination of restoration, repair, upgrade or modification services that makes Peninsula Sports Cars the ideal choice for car enthusiasts who own something that is a little unique, classic or rare. Your vehicle is in the hands of enthusiasts that can cater to practically any need. 

Photos of the MGB GT restoration work our workshop completed in Sydney

How can you buy and maintain a classic car in Sydney?

If you are thinking of buying a classic car, or you already own one and have been thinking about doing any sort of restoration, whether it is British, Italian, German or from another country, irrespective of the marque or model, the process that we go through is always the same. 

We make sure you are making all the decisions needed to suit your intended application for the vehicle (road or track use) as well as your budget.

Best of all, our classic car workshop in Sydney only deals with vehicles that typically don’t have an OBD port – that’s right, all the old stuff that didn’t need fancy computers to run.

What we typically do when someone asks us about restoring a classic sports car is;

  • An initial free phone consultation to understand the history of the vehicle, your requirements and if we are a good fit to be working together. It’s important to build chemistry and rapport at this early stage because some projects might take 6 months or a few years depending how extensive they are, so we have to work closely together.
  • If the vehicle is able to be driven we’ll invite you to our workshop so we can put the car on a hoist and have a good look at it, you can also meet our team and see our facilities as well.
  • If the car isn’t able to be driven or is located overseas then we’ll work with you to secure photos and videos to help assess what needs to be done and how to work out the logistics.
  • Clearly define a scope of work that covers either the mechanical components, interior or both.
  • Once the scope of work is agreed to and the vehicle is with us we create a detailed job sheet & begin capturing photos of each element that is being worked on. You get to literally follow the journey of what is being done and why.
  • If we discover anything that is a surprise or not in the brief then we’ll contact you to talk through the available options before we commence any further work.


So, to those who yearn for the days when cars had soul, who appreciate the allure of a bygone era, and who seek to keep that spirit alive on the modern roads of Sydney, Peninsula Sports Cars in Brookvale stands ready. 

Ready to maintain, restore, upgrade, and prepare these timeless classics for whatever adventure lies ahead. Because, in the end, driving a classic is not just about looking back; it’s about keeping the legacy alive, mile after memorable mile.

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