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DMC DeLorean classic sports car servicing in Sydney

There are not too many DMC DeLorean's in Australia and Tim wanted us to sort out an engine that ran rough. Plus we did some other maintenance work - see it here

DMC Delorean servicing & modifications in Sydney

  • A workshop that can work on a DMC DeLorean
  • General mechanical or interior maintenance
  • Replacements of major components
  • Crash damage repairs

Ok shall we line up the time travel jokes now or later? Our classic sports car workshop in Brookvale, Sydney, had the pleasure of working on Tim’s DMC DeLorean recently. He knew that our car mechanic workshop was a specialist for classic sports cars from the UK, USA, Japan and other countries. 

In the ever-evolving tapestry of the automotive world, there exists a vehicle that, quite literally, transcended time – the DeLorean DMC. Now, imagine you are the proud owner of one of these stainless steel marvels in Sydney. Where do you turn to ensure this icon of American ingenuity remains not just a static showpiece but a living, breathing testament to automotive history? 

You can bring it to Peninsula Sports Cars in Brookvale, where classic American sports cars are not only preserved but also enhanced for modern day use. While many people know us for our reputation for working on British sports cars, we just as easily can work on classic sports cars from other marques as well. 

In fact we love it, its our passion.

Tim brought his DeLorean to us because it was running really rough, with the idle constantly ‘hunting’ as well as having a very, very heavy throttle pedal. His brief was very clear, get the engine running smoothly, fix the throttle pedal to have better feel while report anything else that we discover once we do a mechanical and interior inspection.

Not only did we manage to resolve all of those initial problems that Tim was facing, but he gave us the opportunity to carry out further work, bringing the vehicle back to us for a second visit to get a raft of other mechanical work completed.

Maintaining classic American cars in Sydney

If you want to see how passionate Tim is about his DeLorean watch the video above, its infectious. We love working with passionate owners and in many senses it means that, together, we are keeping small parts of automotive history alive and kicking. 

Forget about photos on the internet, our car workshop exists to keep classic cars like the DeLorean on the road and running. Before delving into the hows and whys of maintaining a DeLorean in Sydney, let’s appreciate what makes this car so special. 

The DeLorean, with its gull-wing doors, stainless steel body, and rear-mounted engine, is more than just a car; it’s a piece of cultural history. A symbol of ambition, innovation, and, yes, a touch of Hollywood glamour (and controversy). With the first production car completed on January 21, 1981, the design incorporated numerous minor revisions to the hood, wheels and interior before production ended in late December 1982, shortly after DMC filed for bankruptcy and after total production reached about 9,000 units.

It is estimated that there were about 10 known DeLoreans in Australia according to the Oz DeLorean website. Although once news of this dedicated website circulated in the car community, more vehicles began to surface. So after a few years it was estimated there were 80 or so DeLorean’s in Australia according to a report written by the ABC in 2015. 

Either way, just 9,000 DeLoreans ever produced and with 20,000,000 registered vehicles in Australia (according to the ABS) you can begin to appreciate just how rare it is to be able to see one of these American sports cars in real life.

It is a great example of the rare vehicles that we get to work on. Owning and driving a DeLorean in Sydney isn’t just about reliving the 80s; it’s about making a statement in the present. The city’s diverse urban and coastal landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for this timeless machine.

With the expertise of Peninsula Sports Cars, you’re not just preserving a classic; you’re actively participating in local automotive culture.


Classic sports car workshop in Sydney


Peninsula Sports Cars in Brookvale isn’t just a car workshop for American classic cars, in fact why stop at the DeLorean? The ethos of Peninsula Sports Cars extends to a broader spectrum of classic American muscle cars, British vehicles or even Australian muscle cars from Ford or Holden. 

Each of these vehicles, from the thunderous roar of a classic Mustang to the sleek prowess of a Jaguar E-Type, carries with it a story, a slice of history.

Our expertise extends beyond mere restoration. We can seamlessly integrate modern conveniences into these classics like upgraded brakes or suspension, a more reliable engine, perhaps even subtle entertainment integrations. It’s about maintaining the soul of the classic while equipping it for safe use.

These cars demand respect, not just for what they were but for what they still can be. In a world where cars are increasingly becoming sanitised, self-driving pods, driving a classic sports car (no matter what continent it comes from) is a rebellious act, a statement of individuality.

Driving a classic car is more than just transportation; it’s an emotional experience. Each turn of the key, each shift of the gear is a reminder of a bygone era of automotive passion. In the hands of Peninsula Sports Cars, we make sure these machines are not just preserved but given a new lease of life so you can enjoy them.


Mechanical and suspension servicing for classic American sports cars in Sydney

  • New suspension components
  • Engine tuning
  • Brake and fuel system servicing

As we mentioned earlier Tim brought his car in with a really rough engine and idle. We sorted all that out so the car operated smoothly, but we also spotted a number of general maintenance issues that had to be addressed.

After doing a thorough inspection our scope of work included;

  • A full suspension upgrade all round. We fitted new shocks, springs, upper and lower control arms, bushes and ball joints.
  • Carried out a wheel alignment
  • Rebuilt the fuel system from tank to engine which included a new pump, filters, fuel sender, fuel lines, sensors and microswitches
  • Replace the 3 piece throttle cable
  • Refurbish the brake system including the master cylinder, brake booster, brake lines, machine rotors, replace pads
  • Flushed the cooling system, refilled and then did a full bleed
  • Dent repair for the stainless steel bonnet
  • Replaced the carpets and repair some of the trim panels
Most of the work that was done was all about making sure the DeLorean was safe to drive, reliable and ran smoothly. Tim wanted to keep as much as possible original so there weren’t any other modifications done to the car.
It is a good example of the type of regular maintenance work we can do in our car workshop on the Northern Beaches in Sydney.
Photos of the DMC DeLoren in Sydney
How can you Buy and maintain a classic car in Sydney?

If you are thinking of buying a classic car, or you already own one and have been thinking about doing any sort of restoration, whether it is British, Italian, German or from another country, irrespective of the marque or model, the process that we go through is always the same. 

We make sure you are making all the decisions needed to suit your intended application for the vehicle (road or track use) as well as your budget.

Best of all, our classic car workshop in Sydney only deals with vehicles that typically don’t have an OBD port – that’s right, all the old stuff that didn’t need fancy computers to run.

What we typically do when someone asks us about restoring a classic sports car is;

  • An initial free phone consultation to understand the history of the vehicle, your requirements and if we are a good fit to be working together. It’s important to build chemistry and rapport at this early stage because some projects might take 6 months or a few years depending how extensive they are, so we have to work closely together.
  • If the vehicle is able to be driven we’ll invite you to our workshop so we can put the car on a hoist and have a good look at it, you can also meet our team and see our facilities as well.
  • If the car isn’t able to be driven or is located overseas then we’ll work with you to secure photos and videos to help assess what needs to be done and how to work out the logistics.
  • Clearly define a scope of work that covers either the mechanical components, interior or both.
  • Once the scope of work is agreed to and the vehicle is with us we create a detailed job sheet & begin capturing photos of each element that is being worked on. You get to literally follow the journey of what is being done and why.
  • If we discover anything that is a surprise or not in the brief then we’ll contact you to talk through the available options before we commence any further work.


So, to those who yearn for the days when cars had soul, who appreciate the allure of a bygone era, and who seek to keep that spirit alive on the modern roads of Sydney, Peninsula Sports Cars in Brookvale stands ready. 

Ready to maintain, restore, upgrade, and prepare these timeless classics for whatever adventure lies ahead. Because, in the end, driving a classic is not just about looking back; it’s about keeping the legacy alive, mile after memorable mile.

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