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1971 MGB GT bare metal restoration in Sydney

A heart warming story of a 1971 MGB GT that had been in the family since new. We completed a bare metal restoration have a look at the results

MGB GT bare metal restorations in Sydney

  • A workshop in Sydney that does MGB restorations
  • MGB mechanical maintenance, repairs or upgrades.
  • MGB nut and bolt full exterior & interior restorations are possible
  • MGB race car or barn find recommissions

Peninsula Sports Cars is a classic car workshop in Brookvale, Sydney, that can do MGB restorations to any level you require. So that could be something simple like restoring seat fabric or more extensive restorations like this project which completely stripped the car back to is bare metal frame for a complete nut and bolt rebuild.

The MGB GT you see in the photos has been part of this family since it was purchased brand new. It was ‘mum’s car’ originally and started its like in the UK. It was imported to Australia around 5 years ago but while it was overseas it had suffered from the climate which included lots of wet roads as well as moisture in the air. So over the years the car started getting rust damage which we had to repair before the vehicle could be used here in Australia and be safe to drive. 

The team at Peninsula Sports Car was commissioned to completely restore the car to as close to original condition as possible. So this meant we were going to quite literally strip the car back to the bare metal chassis to begin with remedial repairs to the rust & then work through the rest of the vehicle’s mechanicals, interior and exterior to rebuild it.

This type of restoration work as you can imagine is quite extensive as every single nut, bolt, body panel and part is removed from the vehicle to either be refurbished, repaired or replaced so that the vehicle can be painted and then put back together. Preparing and painting the shell was the first step before we could being assembly. With a complete body respray and loads of new parts the final restoration means the vehicle looks just as good, if not better, than when it rolled off the production line in 1972.

The restoration of this MGB GT took two years to complete and it is quite a rare vehicle with the Autumn Leaf interior and sunroof being a unique combination for this model. We shared each step of the process with the family by documenting all the work with hundreds of photos shared via an online album. This enabled them to have regular video calls with their mum back in the UK so she could enjoy the journey as well.

MG restorations in Sydney

  • Exterior or interior restorations
  • Engine rebuilds
  • Interior refits and upgrades

If you own an MG our workshop can help you with day to day maintenance as well as repairs or restorations. As explained in the introduction to this project story the scope of work for this 1971 MGB GT required the whole car to be disassembled back to the body & chassis.

Performing this level of work on a classic car gives you the opportunity to either replace, update or modify practically any part of the vehicle because every single component is removed. Each item can be inspected to then make a decision on refurbishing it, replacing it with a newer item or even using more modern aftermarket parts.

For this level of restoration it gives you the choice of resorting a vehicle to the original factory manufactured specification or going down the path of building a restomod which combines original items with modern elements. Your decision making will depending on the available budget, history of the vehicle, its condition and of course whether it is a rare collectible or not.

The MGB GT is pretty unique when you consider that it was available between 1965 and 1980 with just 125,282 built. The MGB is considered an epitome of the British sportscar with production up until the closure of Abingdon in October 1980.

The design remains a classic and even throughout its 18 year life span the basic body shape remained unaltered. The GT version was announced in October 1965 and was an overnight success, again it was an affordable and very practical car that could carry two additional passengers in the rear. The rear seat back could be folded to give a large luggage platform which was accessed from the rear tailgate.

With styling from Pininfarina, the MGB GT looks great even today when you see them around Sydney.


MGB rust removal and repairs in Sydney

  • Repair rust in body panels
  • Remove & replace rusted parts or accessories
  • Complete restorations for rust affected vehicles

It is very common for classic cars from the UK, USA, Australia or even other European countries to suffer from rust. They literally did not have the technology, expertise or building techniques 30+ years ago to ensure vehicles wouldn’t suffer from rust in different areas.

Fortunately the MGB body shell made to be quite strong made and some say over engineered, but because of this it didn’t change much over its production life but unfortunately no matter the model it can suffer from rust in different areas.

Some of main areas where rust can form can be;

  • The sill structures which are a major strength component of the car are prone to internal rusting.
  • The lower part of the front wing rusts through from the inside due to an accumulation of dirt that finds its way past the splash panel
  • Around the headlight if this area is not kept clean.
  • The inner front wing strengthening box section thats flat on the top can rust through.
  • The rear spring mounting area can be subject to rust.
  • Around the rear wheel arch outer panel also the inner arch.
  • Floor pans especially if windows are left open and carpets get wet.
  • Fuel tank rusting through from the top.
  • The GT tailgate rusting through from the inside towards the lower edge and also the lower part of the GT windscreen pillars are prone to rusting.
  • Then like most older cars you have the door bottoms.
Some people laugh when a classic car owner says ‘I only drive it on sunny days’ and now you know why. Although if you are reading this and were thinking of buying an MGB don’t be put off, this car is no worse or better than many others of it’s era. 
In many cases cars don’t have any of these problems as they are garaged, maintained, cleaned and looked after. Most have been owned by enthusiasts so they are not like an average daily driven car that isn’t care for. Even if you do purchase a MGB that has some rust, any of this can be repaired or removed relatively easily. Sure there is time, cost & effort involved but it is possible to resolve.

MGB body paint respray & restoration

  • Body parts or entire vehicles can be resprayed
  • Door on or complete body strip resprays
  • Factory original colour resprays or custom colours

With all the body panels & parts removed as well as the rust repairs completed, it means every component can be resprayed. We would start by using modern primers before re-painting body panels or parts either in factory original colours or custom colours.

It means the entire engine bay can be re-painted, interior, boot etc as well as other parts like suspension, chassis rails etc. The entire vehicle can be given a fresh coat of paint to suit your requirements.

Body and interior restoration for an MGB

  • Complete interior refits
  • Wheel repairs
  • Body trim, badges and chrome replacement

As you can tell by now this restoration was extensive and every little nut, bolt and screw was handled by our team and this includes everything in the interior, the wheel rims, chrome stripping & even the badges.

If you own an MG of any type we can carry out restoration work that just focusses on a particular areas, so for example maybe you want to re-carpet the interior, get the seats re-trimmed or refresh a cracked dash.

We can assist you by doing specific restoration work on the areas you want help with.

Restoring & maintaining an MG in Sydney

If you have every dreamt of owning an MG we can make it easy to buy, own and regularly use this type of classic British sports car in Sydney. Or maybe you have one already that is sitting in the garage but doesn’t get much use?

As you can see in the photos about this restoration meant that this MGB GT left our workshop looking and feeling like a brand new car from 1971.

Our team of classic car mechanics in Sydney are not only experienced but they all own classic cars themselves, so you get to deal with like minded enthusiasts who are as passionate (or more maybe) than you are.


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