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1970 Morris 1000 Traveller van servicing in Sydney

Yes, our classic car workshop in Brookvale, Sydney can service a 1970 Morris 1000 Traveller Van. See what we did for this vehicle

Morris Minor workshop servicing in Sydney

  • A workshop in Sydney that services Morris Minors
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Peninsula Sports Cars is a classic car workshop in Brookvale, Sydney, that can service Morris Minors. It is pretty rare to see a 1970 Morris Minor 1000 Traveller Van in Sydney, let alone one that looks this immaculate.

Our workshop was asked to help with some general maintenance and servicing for this Morris Minor 1000 Traveller Van which included;

  • Facing the exhaust manifold correctly to the head to seal the exhaust correctly.
  • Tune the carbie and adjust the timing so it would run smoother.
  • Rectify the clutch lever arm alignment and operation.
  • Fit the correct size brake shoes, clean, adjust and then bleed the brakes.
  • Repair the oil leaks coming from the engine, gearbox and differential.
  • Replace the universal joints in the prop shaft which had become worn.
This is the typical mechanical repair work that we can do on vehicles that are from 1980 or earlier. Our team of mechanics regular work on classic cars of all types, makes and models for basic maintenance through to more comprehensive restoration work.

Morris Minor restorations and repairs in Sydney


We aren’t sure if many people would have seen or even heard of a Morris Minor 1000 Traveller Van. Although the Morris Minor was one of Britain’s favourite vehicles back in the 1950’s and 1960’s. This is what we’d call in Australia a station wagon or a van, but the estate, or Traveller, version arrived in 1953, as part of the restyled Series II range with an A-series engine. From 1956 the Minor received a larger 948cc engine and was rebranded the Minor 1000 with another upgrade to a 1,098cc engine in 1962.

The Minor has a great place in car history as it was the first British car to exceed a million sales which was reached in 1961. A total of 1,619,815 of all types were produced between 1948 and 1971. The Traveller remained popular until the end of Minor production, the last one being built in April 1971.

What makes it quite distinctive is the unique colour that suits the period and the beautiful timber trim around the rear cargo area. The photos don’t quite do it justice but it is quite a unique classic car to own in Sydney.

morris minor classic car workshop in Sydney

Yes, our workshop can service a Morris Minor or any other classic car you can think of, if it is was made before 1990 then we can make it easy to buy, own and regularly use this type of classic car in Sydney. Or maybe you have one already that is sitting in the garage but doesn’t get much use but needs to be recommissioned, we can help with that too.

Our team of classic car mechanics in Sydney are not only experienced but they all own classic cars themselves, so you get to deal with like minded enthusiasts who are as passionate (or more maybe) than you are.


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