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1974 MG BGT Classic car – SOLD by owner

A piece of MG history for true collectors. The coupe is practical, is suitable for track or road & would suit an enthusiast keen for a project

A 1974 MG BGT Classic Sports Car


FOR SALE by owner





Track or Road


Peninsula Sports Cars Services very own Senior Mechanic has a 1974 ‘Rubber Nose’ MG BGT for sale. For those who have been keeping an eye on classic car sales in Australia you will already know that GT’s are getting pretty scarce.

In fact, their values have started to outstrip the roadsters as collectors look for something a bit more practical with a roof. The classic wire wheels, tightly packaged body & vintage looks you just can’t buy in modern machinery these days.

This is the perfect vehicle for a weekend drive, daily cruiser or even a restoration to preserve a bit of classic car history now that everything is going electric. The car is in pretty good condition, it just needs some TLC to clean it up & could easily be turned into a weekender or even a track car.

If you have been thinking about finding a base to do a Sebring replica build, or even a Rover V8 engine swap then this is an ideal vehicle to start with. We can even help you fit chrome bumpers to replace the rubber ones. 

Come and take a look, best of all, we aren’t like typical car dealers so we can help you plan a project to do whatever you want with this car & organise it all for you – restoration, upgrade, track build – you name it.

Vehicle details

  • 1974 ‘Rubber Nose’ MG BGT
  • Very original condition.
  • A bit of TLC will turn it into a stunner.
  • Mechanically the car runs beautifully, starts easily, drives smoothly. 
  • The interior is in great nick, with a newish carpet set, and seats. The back seat has been removed in preparation for tarmac rallies or hill climbs that the previous owner never got to do, but is easily replaceable.
  • Could be a great base for a Sebring replica build, or even a Rover V8 engine swap and you’ll have a very desirable car. 
  • Love chrome bumpers? It’s a simple job to remove the rubber bumpers.


In fact, have a chat to the team at Peninsula and we can help you put a project plan together to build just the car you want either for road or track.

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