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1962 Series 1 Jaguar E Type project car SOLD

1962 Series 1 Jaguar E Type project car that is matching numbers, original and ready to be built to its former glory.

1962 Series 1 Jaguar E Type project car for sale





3.8 litre




If you are searching online for a used Jaguar E-Type you will quickly see how valuable and how rare they are. There are not many E-Type’s for sale in Australia, while Carsales isn’t the only place you should be looking, there were just twelve listed for sale as we write this for sale advertisement.

You could buy a ready to drive E-Type, but for a true enthusiast who wants to build or restore a collectible British sports car this is your opportunity. When you think about it, what is more iconic other than a Jaguar E-Type, MG or Aston Martin when it comes to desirable sports cars?

This Jaguar E-Type restoration project car is a very early Series I, car number 860804 to be exact and it was built in June 1962 and has all matching numbers, and completely unchanged from original that rolled off the production line.

This E-Type has been with it’s second owner for over 50 years. He drove and enjoyed the car for some years until he decided to undertake a full restoration, and commenced the strip down, but that’s how the vehicle has remained since the 1980’s. Just recently he came to the realisation that he would never finish the project, so he has reluctantly decided to sell it and this creates an opportunity for someone else to enjoy the dream of building and owning a classic E-Type Jaguar, in red no less. As best we can tell the car is complete, there may be some smaller items of trim that are no longer with the car, but all major components are there. 

Make no mistake, there is a lot of work involved to make this car reach concourse levels but it is possible. It is an amazing platform to begin with a rare early Series 1, with everything matching and original. Once this vehicle is put back together together, it will be very sought after and command a value accordingly. No doubt you will see E-Type’s for sale that are valued at over $500,000.

If you are not sure where you’d take the car to get restored, the good news is that it can be done at Peninsula Sports Cars where we can carry out all the restoration and rebuild work. How much would it cost to restore an old Jaguar? Well the costs can vary massively and be anywhere from $100k to $300k depending on what a new owner wants to create & how far you want to go with it. 

The only way to determine that is have a conversation about ideas, steps & options available. What makes this one a bit easier is nearly everything is here minus some trim pieces. Imagine driving a red Jaguar E-Type on a sunny Sunday arvo.

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