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1962 MG Midget Mk 1 – SOLD

A MG Midget MK1 ready to be daily driven & a spare vehicle too. It's a classic sports car in great condition ready for a Sunday run or daily use for sale in Sydney.

1962 MG Midget MKI SOLD




MG Midget

948cc twin carb



two vehicles

We have a very rare and very original 1962 MG Midget Mk1 that is for sale and needs a new home. You won’t believe your luck with this MG MkI which is road registered through to February 2023 so you can enjoy this classic sports car convertible through Christmas and summer. 

It is a very reliable MG Mk1 that drives really well with the 948cc twin-SU carb engine with 4-speed gearbox. It even comes with a tonneau cover plus a vinyl hood and windows although the previous owner has never driven this MG sports car in the rain so they haven’t been used in years. 

If that isn’t proof of how well this car has been cared for then we don’t know what is.

It has been owned by the previous owner for 25 years and it has always been serviced by the team at Peninsula Sports Cars getting the best level of care it can from our MG mechanic workshop in Sydney.  The original intent was to do a full restoration but this two door classic sports car has so much character and is so fun to drive that it just kept getting put off. This just adds to the charm and the new owner can enjoy it straight away or we can help you restore it. It is an MG sports car that will suit an enthusiast who loves driving classic British sports cars for a Sunday drive.

Two for the price of one
As well as the main vehicle, there is virtually a complete car’s-worth of spares from a previous Mk1 that was brought from the UK but was too rusted to restore. The list of spares is too long to list here, but we can get it for you if you like.

It even includes a second engine, gearbox, twin SU carbs, seats, wheels and tyres, windows, instruments, lights, radiator, restoration manuals, trim and much more. The car and all the spares are offered as a package together.  There are some additional garage items that won’t be needed anymore either like axle stands, hydraulic jack and the block-and-chain that was used to hoist the engine and gearbox.

So whether you are keen for your own resto project, or maybe thinking about building your own classic track car this is a bargain package. We can help you with any servicing, upgrades or modifications to the main vehicle whether you want it as a daily driver or even thinking about entering concours events.

Vehicle details

Make & model: MG Midget convertible

Vintage: 1962

Series: MkI

Engine: 948cc twin carb


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