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1960 MGA classic sports car – SOLD by owner

1960 MGA classic sports car for sale with a supercharged 1.8 litre MGB engine and other performance upgrades

1960 MGA convertible classic sports car for sale





1.8 litre




Don’t let the photos fool you of this classic British sports car for sale in Sydney. This is not an everyday standard MGA. It has a stonking supercharged 1.8 litre producing 220 horsepower, 5 bearing MGB engine under the hood with billet crankshaft, Arco conrods and pistons, ported alloy head, roller rockers, extractors and custom fabricated air intake. That’s not all, it is mated to a 5 speed Supra gearbox and limited slip diff.


Got your interest now?

This sports car has also had a complete nut and bolt restoration in 2003 that cost over $150,000 at the time and since then the vehicle has hardly been used.

The car was stripped completely to a bare chassis then thrown onto a jig, straightened, strengthened and powder coated black. This was necessary as the car’s chassis had clearly suffered race collisions. Every component, including nuts and bolts were refurbished or replaced. The car is in better condition than the day it came out of the factory.

The concept of the car was to build a very fast, light, balanced road car which expressed the classic iconic MGA lines and reflected the British racing car club heritage. Apart from the gear box it has had all British MG parts used, but everything has been adapted to improve power, handling, braking and overall performance. 

The goal was to have a classic British sports car that performed like a modern everyday daily driver.

The engine was designed by classic race car engine builder Bob Rowntree. A brand new 5 bearing crank MGB block was sourced that had a billet steel crank fitted, Arco conrods and pistons, a ported alloy head, roller rockers, extractors and a Moss supercharger. A balanced flywheel and Toyota Supra 5 speed gear box were also fitted to then drive the limited slip differential through a balanced tailshaft. 

The engine produces in excess of 220BHP at the flywheel.

Oil cooler, multi blade fan and large alloy radiator were designed to maintain engine temperatures for everyday use. Airflow pipework to the supercharger was designed and manufactured by a Brookvale firm that specialised in blower and turbo technologies.

The body was completely repaired from bare metal, rust free, coated and hand finished. Paint was clear over base. The car colour was chosen to replicate the original D type Jaguar BRG – almost black in some lights. A new wiring loom was installed and all electric components restored or if necessary replaced with new. The upholstery was redone in black leather and the seats were replicas of the S100 Healy seats – this why they don’t fold, but they are comfortable and hold you well in cornering.

Wheels are competition 72 spoke wires, although we can swap these over for something else from the VTO Wheels range if you so desire.

The car is as beautiful underneath as it is on top, as it has been garaged and covered when stored, and not driven in the rain. We can even throw it up on the hoist for you and we will all drool over it together.

Vehicle details

Make & model: MGA 

Vintage: 1960

Engine: 1.8 litre supercharged engine producing 220 horsepower at the flywheel

Condition: Ready to drive, 2003 nut and bolt restoration.

Need reasons to buy a modified classic sports car like this?

  • No work needs to be done to this vehicle, you can drive it away and use it immediately.
  • We can provide regular servicing, maintenance or repairs in our workshop in Brookvale.
  • You can join the MG car club and go on group events, drives and social gatherings.
  • The longer you wait the less chance there is of buying a petrol powered classic sports car in Australia.
  • It is the perfect weekend car to take your partner away for a romantic lunch or Sunday drive.
  • Classic British sports car motoring in a model that is reliable if properly cared for.
  • It is the last of the classic British sports you can buy that is engaging, fun to own and to drive.
  • It has a traditional manual gearbox, like proper sports cars should.
  • An immobiliser, car alarm for GPS vehicle tracker can be fitted
  • You could upgrade or modify this British sports car to be used at track days

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